We created LifeLine because these products have helped so many, just like you, to utilize the countless healing powers of CBD. We sold CBD products in our retail stores for 4 years, helping hundreds of people, including our immediate family, find relief from all varieties of ailments.

Because the USA banned the farming of industrial hemp in 1937, most of the products on the market contained CBD from other countries such as China. Without regulations there was no way of knowing what kind of pesticides may have been used during the growing process or what type of heavy metals could have been present in the soil. In 2014, there were only a handful of states growing hemp compared to over half of the U.S. participating in hemp growth today.

As the demand for CBD products has grown, we decided to sell our businesses and relocate to the hemp-friendly state of Colorado to start LifeLine CBD. We wanted to manufacture CBD products knowing what was going into those products because our family (pets, too!), like yours, would be putting them into their bodies.We start with the purest high CBD hemp strains grown with passion for your health and vitality in Colorado, USA. Next, we extract all the essential cannabinoids with extreme care in our own lab so we know that only the BEST goes in and the BEST comes out! We then craft and bottle all of our products with strict quality control.We look forward to having you become part of our LifeLine.

Welcome to our family!